Date: Wed 01 Jul 2020

'Meat' our beautiful local cattle

When looking for a cattle provider we didn't have to look far.

Hurst Farm in Slimbridge is the wonderful place from which we receive our predominant cattle breed, Longhorns - renowned for their gloriously marbled meat. Their cattle graze on the salt marshes of the Severn Estuary which offers rich nutrients from minerals that the prevailing westerly winds & the tides deposit into the ground. Their dry feed is grown on the 300 acres of land that surround Slimbridge and is a mix of hay, maze, barley and molasses.

Hurst Farm rears its cattle slowly and naturally, resulting in meat that is unrivalled in flavour and texture.

Part of the joy of sourcing from a small, family run farm is that the rearing of livestock isn't just a business, but a way of life. Cattle farmers are seriously dedicated to their herd and their land - something that we believe truly reflects in the quality of the meat they're able to offer as a result.

We have a great relationship with father & son Ken & Dan and their passionate team, and you'll often see the Ruby & White defender parked up outside the farm while we visit their cattle. It's part of what makes us who we are as a business - complete traceability, expert knowledge and local sourcing. Provenance is everything.

Once the cattle have matured (in under 30 months) we hand select which animals to take to the abattoir ourselves. We then receive the whole animal to be hung and aged in our specially temperature regulated fridges for anything up to six or seven weeks, depending on the fat coverage. This ensures the meat is tender and mature in flavour before it is ready to be sold for you to enjoy at home.

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