Date: Fri 12 Jun 2020

Father's Day Recipes

Follow our simple guides to cooking the perfect meal to spoil your dad this Father's Day

We have two special meat boxes available for home delivery this Father's Day, a beef and a lamb option. Below are some simple cooking instructions to impress your dad.

Beef Rib Chop

Also known as Ribeye on the Bone, this cut is well marbled and has incredible flavour.

These cooking times are for the 500g Rib Chop.

  1. Remove your steak from the fridge 30 minutes before cooking.
  2. Get your griddle pan or BBQ nice and hot.
  3. Season the steak well with sea salt (leave the pepper until the end so it doesn't burn) and rub with a little oil.
  4. Sear the steak on one side for approximately two minutes, then rotate it 90 degrees on the same side to get the nice diamond sear marks. Cook for another two minutes here.
  5. Flip the steak over, and repeat as above on this side.
  6. Remove the steak from the heat and place somewhere warm to rest for at least five minutes. Don't skip this step, as it's important to let the juices redistribute.
  7. Season with a pinch of coarse sea salt and some black pepper

Serve with Ruby & White Hot English Mustard, a glass of the Para Dos Malbec and some grilled veggies or salad.

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Moroccan Bone in Lamb Shoulder

Our shoulder of lamb has a bit more fat than the leg, so it requires a longer cooking time to render the fat, but it results in a wonderful full flavour.

  1. Make a Moroccan spice rub (or use the Ruby & White blend if you’ve purchased the Father’s Day pack) with the following: Ground cumin, ground coriander, smoky paprika, salt & black pepper. Add slightly less of cinnamon, ground cloves and all spice, and a good pinch of sugar.
  2. Rub the meat generously with the spice rub and a little oil, and leave at room temperature for half an hour (or do this the night before and pop back in the fridge).
  3. Place the meat in a casserole dish and pour half a bottle of red wine or port in to the bottom, pouring some over the meat as you do.
  4. Slow cook for three hours on a low temperature until the meat falls off the bone.

We served ours on flat breads with fresh salad, pomegranate seeds and a mint yoghurt, accompanied by the Las Montanas Classic Red, but it will be equally delicious with crispy roast vegetables.

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