Date: Mon 01 Jun 2020

Which steak is which?

Have you ever sat in a restaurant or stood at a butchers counter and felt overwhelmed with the different steak cuts available and which one to choose? Then read on...

Below is a quick guide to some of the most popular steak cuts and which is better suited to certain cooking temperatures.

Rump Steak
Rump has a great covering of back fat, making for excellent flavour. A good choice if you prefer your steak more well cooked. From the rear of the cow.

Sirloin Steak
A classic cut, with a nice covering of back fat and excellent marble.

Heavily marbled, with incredible flavour. It lends itself to cooking however you fancy, but with will withstand a longer cook due to the fat content.

Fillet Steak
The fillet is the most tender cut, making it very desirable. An ultra lean steak, so we recommend not cooking it for a long time. If you like your meat blue or rare, this is the cut to go for. There is only a small amount on each animal, hence the premium price tag.

Bavette Steak
A great value steak that is really versatile. Ideal for slicing for quick fry dishes like fajitas and burritos. As it comes from a well exercised part of the cow, many chefs recommend cutting it across the grain to make the meat more tender. Best served medium-rare.