Fresh and Well Fare

Whether you have us deliver your fresh meat to your home or pop into our deli on Whiteladies Road, you can rest assured that we know where your meat came from.

We have a direct and strong relationship with our farmers and suppliers. Our kids even know each other!

 from Ruby & White


Our chicken (and Christmas Turkey) comes from our friend Stuart Perkins of Castlemead Poultry in Radstock - just a stone's throw from the city of Bath.

Stuart is a childhood friend of our Head Butcher and they’ve carried their relationship into their businesses.

All of the birds on Stuart's farm enjoy a relaxed and natural upbringing, with plenty of freedom to roam in their small flocks. A wholesome diet of meadow grasses is supplemented by milled grains and foraged feed during the colder months to ensure that the birds are kept healthy and happy throughout the year.

You really can see and taste the difference! Intensively farmed chicken will always prove to be a poor comparison to those raised according to higher welfare practices. Faced with an 'economical and efficient' upbringing, factory and caged birds will be very pale in appearance, and have a mild and subdued flavour, simply no comparison to the real thing.

Stuart allows his flock to mature naturally and slowly means that the birds arrive at Ruby & White with better muscle development, a higher proportion of fat and more dark meat - all vital components for producing a juicy and succulent bird.

The chickens then benefit from a further couple of days hanging following slaughter helps to further develop the flavour and ensures a tender texture.

 from Ruby & White


When looking for a cattle provider Adam, our owner, did not have to look far. In fact, if he threw a stone it could potentially land on their green fields.

Hurst Farm in Slimbridge is the wonderful place from which we receive our predominant cattle breed, Longhorns - renowned for their gloriously marbled meat.

The cattle graze on the salt marshes of the Severn Estuary which offers rich nutrients from minerals that the prevailing westerly winds & the tides deposit into the ground.

Hurst Farm rears its cattle slowly and naturally, resulting in meat that is unrivalled in flavour and texture.

Part of the joy of sourcing from a small, family run farm is that the rearing of livestock isn't just a business, but a way of life. Cattle farmers are seriously dedicated to their herd and their land - something that we believe truly reflects in the quality of the meat they're able to offer as a result.

The remainder of our beef is grass fed and sourced from West Country farms specialising in the rearing of rare cattle breeds, our preferred being the two from which our name is derived -The Ruby Red Devon & British White.

 from Ruby & White


We are truly spoiled for choice when sourcing our lamb in the local area. There is a glorious abundance of local lamb producers and suppliers.

Whether Devon Short Horns from Chestnut Farm, South of Bristol, or Suffolk Crosses from any one of a number of Wiltshire based farmers, we receive a consistently high standard and quality of lamb.

 from Ruby & White


The top (or snout) to tail purchasing and selling of pigs ensures that all of our pork is from one farm, and that we do not have to buy in additional cuts from elsewhere to balance the carcasses.

Pigs born onto James Mitchells' farm in the Quantock Hills can expect to lead a particularly charmed, stress-free life.

Allowed to roam free in small numbers on the farm, the pigs can wander in and out of purpose-built shelters in colder months and wallow in muddy puddles for entertainment.

The pigs also benefit from a slow and natural rearing process, a quality diet, and the highest standards of welfare and husbandry.

 from Ruby & White


As September and the autumn months come in to view, so does the start of the game season.

Which means the product offering of Ruby & White and the menu in our sister restaurant, Cowshed, change harmoniously.

The number of well-run shoots in the West Country provides us with ample opportunity to stock and supply a wide and varied range of game.

Some of the Ruby and White team are lucky enough to be involved with these fabulous local shoots, adding an element of the field to table values that we so strongly believe in.

 from Ruby & White


Our sausages are hand made in store by one of our passionate butchers Max.

Using only top-quality meat and natural ingredients (no fillers like you might find in supermarket products), our sausages are juicy and flavoursome.

Try some of our favourites like Chilli, Ginger & Fennel or a classic Olde English.

We love experimenting with new flavours, so if there's one you'd like to try, drop the team a message with your suggestion!