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Beef is good all year however, in our opinion, we find beef is best from December through to February because the cattle have been grazing in plentiful pasture all Summer. Their Winter food is dried Summer harvest and they eat well to put on more fat making the beef more flavoursome.

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Spring Lamb. Two words that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. However, we find that once the lambs have matured on the sun-baked pastures full of plush grass and wild clovers over Summer their meat has a better flavour than early Spring Lamb. That's just our preference of course, and it is available all year round.

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A good bacon sandwich whilst reading the weekend papers or a Sunday roast with the family around the table are things we can enjoy throughout the year.

Come September and October however, when the apples and acorns fall from the trees, there is more food for the pigs to forage. In our opinion, this creates fatter pigs and a natural diet which gives them a sweeter flavour.

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Game season starts on 12 August, running until the 1st February. During this time, we can get most game and wild foul, such as grouse, pheasant, partridge, duck & goose.

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Sausages are good all year! Whether they're in a warming sausage casserole in Winter, on the BBQ In Summer or with a slap-up breakfast, there is a place for the humble sausage all year round.